Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life Update?

I really have no idea what I want to do in school anymore. It's just that I feel like I will fail because my previous grades haven't been so great in college. I'm not even attending school this semester because I'm just so confused with what to do. My dad is down my back asking me about school like EVERY FREAKING DAY. I'm just like "Yo pops this is not your life" I know he wants the best for me but it's just going at a slower pace. I'm definitely going back I just need some time to find out what I want to do. Last semester I was so depressed (due to a series of events) I was failing and I had to withdraw from all my classes. I felt so alone and cried all the time. Well now I'm at home trying to look for a job for the summer. I can say that online applications suck.

I just needed to vent a bit.


  1. I hope your able to find what you like and stick to it when your ready! ^^

  2. I hope so too!! Thank you :)