Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Wigs From EBay

I ordered two cute wigs from eBay about a week ago and today I decided to check their location. They have arrived in NY! I'm sooo excited because I'm in dire need (not really lol) of wigs. As a wig lover you have to get new wigs every once in awhile other wise you will cringe inside. I hope they come as pictured ;___;

With all these pictures being stolen or stock photos being used wigs and many other items are a hit or miss! I ordered a burgundy wig once from eBay and it was GORGEOUS! I received so many compliments and I have to order it again because now it's a hot mess due to the fact that I curled it.

Here are the wigs I ordered:


Thursday, July 18, 2013

NYC Summer Gyaru Meet July 2013!

It was that time again for another gyaru event!
It was loads of fun as usual and everyone was amazing^^
I was supposed to get accessory pics of everyone and selcas with everyone
but i got distracted so didn't take many pics xD

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Most Recent Beauty Haul!

          1. Black Radiance Cream Eye Shadow "Champagne"
          2. Black Radiance Volumisant Mascara
          3. Wet N' Wild Mega Last Retractable Eyeliner
          4. Milani Hd Lip Color "Vivacious Fuchsia"
          5. Milani Black Magic Eyeliner & Eye Glimmer
          6. Wet N' Wild "Vamp it Up"
          7. Wet N' Wild Mega Impact Mascara
          8. Wet N' Wild Eye Makeup Remover

Vamp it up 

Black Radiance Cream Shadow

Milani Hd Lip Color
(Paid about 10 bucks for all these things!)