Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Being Gyaru on A Budget!

Wouldn't we all love to own some 109 brands? But the reality is many of us cannot afford it or even fit into it the outfits like me. Big boobs and big thighs are not going to squeeze into gal brands haha

How and where do I buy my things?
  • Clothing: I go to thrift stores (Goodwill and Salvation Army). It's fun to go thrifting because you never know what you may find! Since prices of items are usually cheap you can add gems,spikes, lace and even cut up  your items. For regular discount stores (Rainbows) or department stores (Walmart, Jcpenny) I look for clearance only. I usually don't buy basic items like tops/skirts for more than $5. There are exceptions to every rule though^^ . Also end of season clearance is where I find my best deals. Now winter stuff  is being sold cheap for the new arrival of spring items. You can save those items for next year. I will probably check out Rainbows next week for sales.
  • Accessories: eBay is your friend but be careful of the sellers you buy from. Also forever 21 has affordable accessories but eBay is my main place along with discount clothing stores like (Rainbow's).
  • Makeup: I use dollar store makeup, discount store makeup and drugstore makeup. At the dollar store usually Dollar Tree I can find some brands at times (L'Oreal, Revlon, Covergirl ,La. Colors) which is what I will buy. The only brand of makeup I buy from the drugstore is from Wet N' Wild because I can afford it. 
  • Wigs: I buy wigs all around. eBay, Tmart,, If I have time I go to the hair store to look at and feel a wig I might like online or I watch YouTube reviews on them. I usually go for wigs that you can apply heat to. Sometimes I even make my own wigs. I have made 5 so far
When shopping around it is great to have knowledge of the latest gal trends 
or  substyle(s) you like the most. I find it easier to go shopping that way.
My favorite styles are Ora-Ora, Kuronba and Rokku. 
(Its hard to tell from the kawaiiness of my blog lol)
But it helps when I study those styles more.

Thanks for reading!


  1. No shame in thrifting, some of my favorite cardigans have come from thrift store. It's true you never know what you will find, and I think anyone can find basic modifying tutorials online. I generally don't follow trends even for mainstream fashion, but may take inspiration if there is something I like. Would you consider making a wig tutorial if/when you have time and funds o 3o? I always like seeing different methods.

  2. I love thrifting. You can find some pretty awesome stuff when you waste 30 minutes to an hour there. I shop at a thrift store like I do at the mall. I just love to shop. I just recently started buying wigs, so I'll have to check out some of those sites. :D

  3. I have have about two old wig tutorials maybe i'll put them up on here^^

  4. I love thrifting too^^. I hope you find some wigs on those sites!