Sunday, February 10, 2013

How do you stay motivated? Weight loss? Eating Healthy?

I want to lose weight so bad but when it actually comes down to it I just don't know where to start. Exercising and eating healthy seems easy but why can't I do it? I say "Oh I will start doing this or that today" but I don't. I was so motivated 2 years ago but now I do something once and then don't do it for another week. I just have weak will power. I think I just have to learn how to say NO to certain things and just think about the positive outcome.

My Goals:
Eat Healthier
Drink mostly water/ Calorie free drinks/ Tea
Run on treadmill or go for a daily walk
(but its freezing so doubt I will go for a walk)
Do some squats

I just want to try some small changes 
because I won't be able to handle a drastic change
in my lifestyle because then I would just be back
at square one.


  1. Well, what helped me was enrolling in a couple fitness classes at college so I wouldn't have an excuse not to work out. Also looking at fitblrs, doing fitness challenges when I see them on tumblr, and remembering the endorphins I get from good workouts :D

  2. I do squats every other day,and just finished a set of 20 just now!I hope you see the results you want from your small changes!!
    If you dont mind me asking,what name do you go by?
    KawaiiChocolat as a whole or?


  3. Hehe Its ok my real name is Hannah^^ I just Use KawaiiChocolat for social Networking