Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kawaii Rooms!

I've been looking at cute room ideas ever since I got 
my own room back in November. I painted my room
a medium pink color? I wanted more of a cotton
candy color but i managed to get "oops" paint
at my local Home Depot for $6.

My room is in the basement which gets super 
cold in winter (>_<). I also have no natural light (sobs)
But I will make do

Last night I ordered a couple items 
from ebay
(I hope they come soon and as pictured!)

Some more things I hope to buy!
Cute store- http://9love.taobao.com/

Here are some cute/gyaru room pics:


  1. Cute! Those items will make your room so kawaii. ^__^


  2. Very cute and girly! This is a great idea, gathering room inspi pix!

  3. hiya! This is my first time reading your blog and omg your theme is so so so cute!! <3 I have a lower floor bedroom that's really damp and a bit dark too, it's a problem QAQ it's a lot better now that I have painted my wardrobe pink, so perhaps some painting will brighten your room too! :)