Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Yukata/ Japan Day 2014

I knew this was the year I would get a yukata
and I was so excited to get it! I ordered it from Rakuten 
with the help of my gal friend Malia (thanks bby!)
Here is the link. Its comes with 10 pieces for 
about 40USD  

My yukata!
Test shot no gal make

On to Japan day
I met up with a local gal Amber and
we both went to the festival in yukata, oiran style.
So don't tell me I'm wearing it wrong cause I'm not
I need more practice on how to put it on though

snuck a pic

Later on Amber brought me and my bf to Village Yokocho where we had
an amazing Japanese dinner.

My favorite pic of the night

Some of the food

The yakisoba was so much I took half home
but everything was so yummy
I have to go back for more hopefully during the summer.

I felt so beautiful got my picture taken by alot of people even video xD
Can't wait for the another Japanese festival
Hopefully more of the NYC gals will join in!


  1. that busted backside, oh noooo

  2. so pretty!!! ^__^

  3. I wish I had the money to get me one too, it's so pretty :O

  4. your hair is amazing, its so big! and the colors look very lovely on you =)

  5. You're so pretty omg! I love your blog <3
    That Yukata is beyond beautiful ~
    minae ☆