Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recent gets and Mini meet!

You guys know I love me some clearance here are some recent
items I scooped up for under $5 bucks!

 Blue leopard top Walmart- $3
 Wild child top Walmart- $3
Cream Over-sized Cardigan Walmart- $3 
Faux fur collar vest Sears- $4.99

Also met up with Malia and Paulette in Flushing 
a few days later. We ate, shopped then went to a Karaoke!

My coordinate
Actually bought the angel
wing cape from the New World mall only $10!

Food Pics
 My Buns. The Pork bun was amazingggggg
 Paulette's Cakes
The dumplings were so fresh

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm jellie you got such cute stuff so cheap! I'm gonna have to take my booty to walmart

  2. You should. You never know what goodies are mixed in those messy clearance racks!

  3. Cute gets! They are really so stylish. ^^

  4. I've goota have to move, we're forever cured here in Switzerland with our prices :'D I especially love the oversized cardigan~~