Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Sushi Virgin Chronicles

I had sushi for the fist time in my life two days ago!
I AM NO LONGER A SUSHI VIRGIN. I feel so guilty I want it back!

The back drop of the place was so nice!

My best friend! Our last dinner before college starts

She ordered the all you can eat!! 27 pieces of sushi!! And gave some to me even though sharing is not allowed lol?

I got Shrimp Tempura

A close-up

And this was a dinner plate too much food could not eat it all.
I didn't even touch my california rolls!! It came with salad and miso soup and I didnt even touch those because I was stuffed!!

Overall I am now a fan of sushi desu haha


  1. All of this look yummy....arrrrr you make me hungry! ;)

    1. Looking at this post makes me hungry all over again!

  2. wow!, I am determined to try out that dinner in the last picture!!! What is it called if you don't mind me asking?

    1. It was called the dinner box^^ I don't know what it is called at other places though.