Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ive Just Inspired Myself

Sounds weird doesn't it?
Well I'm having a turning point in my life where I want to do things differently
I want to change and become better overall as a person. Not change to be fake haha. 

Here is what I want to work on in no particular order:

  • Do better in school
  • Find a job
  • Become a Gyaru. Yes I said it! I want to do gal style as much as possible while I am still young. Ive know about gal for 3 years and I feel comfortable with the style now. I want to start working on coords more so when I hit the stores I will be sure to pick out gal items. I wish I had time to wear it to school everyday but that is not possible for me. So when there are meetups I will be the best I can be! I won't be brought down even if they are failed attempts haha. I will be sure to take critique from other fellow gals!
  • Lose weight by eating healthy and exercising! 
  • Become a better blogger! I need to do much better videos and I have to blog about more things
  • Have money to visit my Boyfriend
  • Learn Japanese and Korean. I have to continue my Korean. I've given up for a good six months but I can still read it though
  • Generally keep my life organized. Having a daily planner will help!
         I will stick to all of these goals and keep pushing for more! 

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