Friday, August 10, 2012

Nyc Gyaru Meet #2 July 27th!

Its the New York Gal Meet Round two be prepared!
Lots of pics this time!!

Got bubble tea from here!

Taking pics after bubble tea then went into the beauty store behind us!

 Cute nail decos and bright color nail polish inside Elizabeth Center!

Cute erasers!

These are phone charms!

Bunny is so sexayy! xD

Tama Deco'd her cases!

Look at us camera whoring 

We stayed at a park after Elizabeth Center before meeting with Kayo

We met Kayo and we all snapped surprised pictures of her!

Before we left I snapped this some guy selling cool art.

We met up with her and went to eat

Here is my food! Just spaghetti and marina sauce with parmesan cheese. To be honest the sauce was to tangy!!

How did Glee's Salad turn into Spaghetti??

Heres a shot I took across the street from the restaurant

After that we went to another shopping center! More cute stuffs!

They're huddling over something? Hmm what is it?

Cute stationary items!

Hello kitty caps!

Here is the most interesting Candy Store

Preserved rose candy!

So now were in a boutique in Soho and look at the jewelry!

In Sephora

We finally met up with Reina at Kinokuniya!

Pizza for dinner! So yum!

After dinner pic!

In times square! What happen to Kayo and Bunneh?

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. thats so cool! looks like you guys had lots of fun! omg so much stuff to buy my head would explode! O_O

    1. We had tons of fun!! And if I had the money everything in those stores would have been bought out haha ヽ(^◇^*)/

  2. omg that thong picture I forgot about that hahahaha.
    That was so much fun. Im already looking for winter items for a winter meet XD

    1. Me too!! I though I was the only one planning an outfit for an event that may be 4 months ahead xD