Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sponsored:[] T.Top 2 Color Chocolate was nice enough to send me circle lenses for review!
I didn't even receive an email before hand but surprisingly
received lenses in a cute hot pink envelope!
It came all the way from South Korea

The lens on the site are super cheap staring from $10.99!
But the lenses sold there are more suited 
for people who like more natural lenses 
(ex: ulzzang and natural gyaru looks)

Life Span: 1year
Size: 13mm

Size: 8/10
Color: 7/10 
Comfort: 7/10
I recommend these lenses for anyone who wants
enlargement with a subtle brown color

(Wish I took more pics but batteries were dying!)


  1. It's crazy how good that wig looks on you, work it girl!! LOL~

  2. Thank you^^

  3. Girl, I am always experimenting with colors! Thanks^^

  4. You look beautiful! Brown lenses are my favorites!
    Gorgeous on you. I love how they're not to harsh!
    Looks very natural!

    *I followed you!*

  5. Thank you!
    I have followed you back xoxo <3

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    Enjoy and stay pretty :)