Friday, August 2, 2013

Mini Beach Meet!

All photos are from
Cleo and Sai
Thanks gals for the pics!

Well for this meetup I decided to wear manba makeup
It took 2 hours to do (usually all gal make I do takes 2 hours)
I did not pick out a proper code the night before so in the morning 
I just threw on whatever. I get negative gal points for that 

Here is my make and code

We held the event at Rockaway beach 
which was super nice and clean!
When it come to beaches in NYC they aren't that great
but this beach was beautiful
The only thing is that it is very far away especially
when using the NYC transit.

Me, Sai and Cleo

Me, Cleo, Lisa

Gal pose!

Me and my love

Me and DeVine. It's been so long since I seen her
almost a year! So I was glad she could make it^^

Some awesome graffiti

What's a gal meet without any derp?

Drawn by Devine it looks so nice!

I hope to meet some of my blog followers in the future!
Please come to nyc sometime!! xoxo
~thanks for reading


  1. your makeup looked great, looks like a lot of fun :) x


  2. Thank you! It was a ton of fun^^