Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eos Max Pure Violet Circle Lens Review

I got these lenses randomly picked for me from Shoppingholics. I don't know if they still have that promotion but they send you a "free"pair of circle lenses after you purchase your first pair ever only if you do a review on the ones you purchased. If they approve they will charge you just for shipping or send it free with your next order. I only paid for the shipping with theses lenses but I was not able to choose what i wanted.

Anyway on to the review:
I meant to do this review a while back but I finally got the "energy" to do it.

Close up no makeup

Close up with makeup

Most recent picture from instagram

These lens are super thin! Thin to the point where it's difficult to put into your eye. It's not super comfortable either but its not bad
Not really a fan of this design
Not very vibrant unless your in good natural light or have flash. But color changes from a purplish grey to violet.

Stay Tuned for My Puffy Three Tone Grey Review!

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