Thursday, October 8, 2015

Farewell summer, Hello Fall

Well since I haven't updated my blog in a bazillion years I'll include all the fun things I was able to do over the summer. You have been warned it will be a long and lengthy post!

Negril Jamaica (August 4-9th)!

This was my first time traveling alone without family and went with my closest friends.
We went for a celebration called ATI which was the week of Jamaica's independence. There was music, good vibes and people coming from all over the world to party it up. Me and one of best friends booked our hotel too late because we weren't going to go at first. So we couldn't stay in the hotel as our other best friend and ended up staying at Couples Resort in Montego Bay. Everything was so beautiful! Had a good time partying and drinking with all my friends and the cool people we met there. I would definitely like to go again soon :)

I want to work harder and be able to enjoy the luxury of traveling all over the world. Hmm where will be my next destination?

Mitsuwa Market Place Festival (August 15th)

Finally Finally FINALLY made it over to Mitsuwa after years of being hella jealous of gorgeous local gals rocking their yukata. If you're in the NYC/NJ I suggest taking a trip over there sometimes. Mistuwa is a complex of Japanese based stores with food and other necessities! There is also purikura in one of the stores! Sadly the only purikura in the whole of ny/nj now T_T (how sad)

I was glad I was able to go in my yukata but I had so many mishaps. Being a curvy woman in a basic sized yukata is a struggle. Compared to the average Japanese woman I am huge.  Amber was so awesome to help me put it all together but I need to re learn how to put it on my yukata myself. I'm hoping next year i'll be able to order another one for the spring and summer festivals.

The best part of the festival has to be getting to try all the food of course^^
Towards the end of festival they have a sale on the food it is much cheaper.
Also (bon drum dancing is also very fun) even though I have horrible coordination xD

All in all it was a great experience. It's great to hang out with the local gyaru!

After the festival we hung out in a karaoke bar in Korean town the music was great (mostly hip hop/reggae that night)

Waku Waku NYC August 29th

Done by glee!

This is the first convention I have ever been too and I had a great time with some of the local gals! It was a two day event but I only went for one because I didn't know how the turnout would be (next year I will go both days)

This is one of the first fully devoted Japanese pop culture conventions in New York. New York Comic Con is just to hard to get into and I've been trying for 2 years now. Tickets sell out in 2 hours.
Anyway back to waku! It took place in Williamsburg Brooklyn which is a really nice area. Waku Waku was broken up into 4 different areas because the main venues was much to small anyways and I'm assuming the wanted you to explore the neighborhood. It had to be 90 degrees that day all that walking killed us especially with the heat!

I attended in my first cosplay ever which was super sonico! I love her big boobs a pink hair haha^^

glee is the cutest!

Socks were 5 usd!

 Every body running to the socks after I told them xD

                                     Paulette is flawless!

Also the food was very good! Who doesn't enjoy fresh Japanese food and snacks??

I met some of my style icons!


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