Friday, March 21, 2014

Taobao Haul #2

My package got to me in 3 days using EMS!
I love everything and plan to order again soon
I used Their service fee is 8% which isn't too bad.
I like the format of their site it is very easy to navigate.
This is my second time using them

from (x)
 Didn't know the beige and pink were going to be so similar in color
but any who these skirts are amazing quality!
They have three layers and are pretty heavy so i don't 
think I can wear it in the summer though

AA Cities Bag
This city bag is made of thick quality canvas material 

Transparent Bag (x)
Nice and big. It can hold a big beach towel
my bikini and even more

Green Fur Parka (x)
Great quality has a removable layer
The hood has sooo much fur :)

for reading!


  1. Those are some nice items you got here. The jacket is amazing and the quality looks top. I haven't used taobaoring, but I'd like to try them. ^^

  2. This is such a great haul~ I especially love the aa bag! Taobao is such a nice site T~T

    --Kiyomi xx

  3. The jacket is great! Have you ever ordered from Taobao?

  4. It's a great place for unique/kawaii things!

  5. Yes I have, not in a while though. Taobao has great stuff, and so affordable. ^^

  6. It's my first time reading your blog but I totally love your haul ^_^!! I love the jacket the most it looks so cute, and comfy :)