Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kawaii Cellphones!

I'm pretty sure those of us into Japanese/Korean
or Asian things in general will come across the 
cute cell phones!

I've had my current cell for almost 4 years its just a regular cell
not an android. I ordered a no brand android online
but it gave me problems

I wish we had all of these here in America
but if you get a phone overseas it would be unique^^

I actually ordered one of these  phones 
today but I won't tell you which one.

LG Ice Cream 2

LG Lollipop 2

DoCoMo SH 04D (Chocolate)

DoCoMo FUJITSU F-03D (PopTeen)

DoCoMo Fujitsu F-60D

Casio Exilim EX-TR15

This cellphone is soooo expensive but a lot of chinese
web idols and chinese gyaru use this phone


  1. These phones are so cute~. I wish we had more options like that over here as well but I guess a lot of them also use iPhone these days and just put cute cases on them ^ o ^ (

  2. These phones are super cute, but they are interior in terms of technology to almost every smartphone in the market yet they cost just as much. Signal issues are there too, so you may only get 3g on them here in the US (ATT/TMOBILE) which is too slow...

  3. Yep pretty much every one uses Iphones and galaxy's but I love the designs of these phones so much!

  4. True they are not the most up to date phones but since i have been using a non android/smartphone cell phone for 4-5 years I wouldn't mind any of these^^