Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday Meetup! (Pic Heavy)

I had a blast with the NYC 
gals for a birthday dinner.
I have never been out to celebrate my 
birthday so this was awesome!
We met up at Astor place
and ventured  off to the E.L.F. store and OMG the makeup was soo cheap!
I completely forgot to take pics because I was excited
and I was sampling a lot of makeup haha

Afterwards we went to Walgreens

Me camwhoring at walgreens

Malia applying her "magic"

Lisa , Crystal, Glee smiling as usual lol

Picture time at Forever 21!
F21 has the best lighting ever

Coord of the day
B-gyaru inspired

DeVine being silly 

Now time for food!
We went to a place called
Noodle Cafe Zen

Malia derpin lol

Lisa <3

Our food

 That wasn't even all the food 
But the gals were so sweet and bought me dinner!
NYC gals are awesome

My gifts!

My purchases
(leggings were on sale btw~)


  1. Aww!

    I hope you had a beautiful birthday! May all of your bday wishes come true. You look absoultely beautiful.

    I'd vouch for the lighting in that store! Prefect lighting! <3

  2. Thank you glee <3

  3. Aww thanks Vivi!