Friday, June 14, 2013

Too much fast food!

As of lately I've been finding my self eating a TON of fast food. Usually when I'm hanging out with my boyfriend we go out to eat or order takeout. I feel so unhealthy at the moment that I feel like detoxifying my body! I really wanted to lose a few pounds for the New York gyaru meet-up coming up in July but with this horrible habit it might not be happening. I really need to get back to eating my brown rice and vegetables. Hopefully I can even go for morning jogs soon (I hate running cause of my boobs though xD). All I need is some more will power and motivation. I know the smoking hot body I want is in me somewhere haha just gotta work hard for it.


  1. Starbright DreamsJune 14, 2013 at 9:11 PM

    In reference to jogging, someone told me that riding a bicycle is a nicer alternative because you end up working more parts of your body and faster too in comparison. Also drinking tea helps with purging your body from all the grease. Lemme join hands with you because I too have been eating way too much fast food.

  2. I've had to put off fast food because of my allergies, and I'm sticking to the brown rice + veggies right now. Been eating like this for 2 months, but I haven't lost much weight. Feeling so discouraged. ;n;

    BUT WE CAN DOOOO ITTTT. <3333 I want to lose weight for a meetup too!~

  3. You can do it! ^__^
    It's hard... Especially since fast food is so convenient...