Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NYC Gal Meet: January 2013!

It was great to start my 2013 with a gal meetup.
This has been my fourth meet up so far.
It was so much fun and everyone was amazing.
I hope to meet more gals in the future and go to more meets!

Inside the Bubble tea shop 
where we meet up at
in china town

I got strawberry bubble 


My coord

In the purikura booth^^

Where we all ate dinner at.

What I bought that day

Thanks for reading!


  1. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"January 12, 2013 at 10:51 PM

    Forgot about the dumplings Im sure going back to that place XD
    And im going to use that mask tonight

  2. I took my boyfriend to almost all those places like two days ago haha and he liked the noodle place^^

  3. Omg These pictures are awesome! I still have to make my post as well T.T The foooodddd! <3

    I am so glad you guys liked the dumpling place! That is my spott! Next time you guys go back you have to try the vegetable ones and let me know how you liked them!!!

    and we are not skipping Sephora next time!! XDDDDDD

  4. Great post and photos! =D One day I shall join you ladies. ~(o^_____^o)~

  5. Omg I love your hair!! So pretty!! Love your blog too :D

  6. Saw your post! And the dumpling place was soo cheap and if we go to Sephora I will guarantee you we will not be leaving xD

  7. Thank you! Hope to see you at a meet!

  8. Thank you! xoxox