Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

My whole community has been powerless for two days. I just got my power back 30 minutes ago but my prayers go out to all the families who have had their house completely destroyed and to those who have lost loves ones. During the hurricane it sounded like my roof was going to blow off but my family prayed. I'm finally getting to watch the news instead of listening to it on the radio. I want to see more of what has happened in the Staten Island area though. I went for a walk yesterday to see the damages and I have never seen so many trees down in my life. But there are places with more severe damages in my area. Never underestimate the power of a storm. People say "Oh well Irene wasn't that bad" but the fact is this is Sandy. Every storm is different so take precaution even if the last storm wasn't as serious. I know New York has the tendency to hype things up even If it turns out to be a drizzle but they do that to keep us safe!

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