Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Little Update

I FUCKING HATE THE BLOGGER APP!! I just wrote a good detailed blogpost and it crashed (。-_-。).

Went to a Mini Gal Meetup. It was a semi failure because we were in a neighborhood we didn't really know and it was kind of ghetto. But I was glad I was able to meet three new gals!

Positive Highlights of the day:
1.Some lady liked my hair
2.Some lady litterally grabbed me by the wrist in the train station just to tell me she liked my style. I was like what?!??
3. A professional photographer from Vice Magazine took some shots of me and Lisa. I can't wait to see them

Negative Highlights of the day:
1. Men thought I was a prostitute/hooker. They came up to me and asked. Lol wut ._. The funny thing is that I wasn't showing any cleavage or even wearing short shorts! My shorts were knee length haha.

Here are before and after pics of my makeup.

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