Friday, June 15, 2012

My day yesterday

I was too tired to blog yesterday about what I did but today I got the energy for it lol.

I was on a hunt for 613 blonde extensions because I want to make pastel hair extensions via the sharpie method but I had no hope in the area of Manhattan I was in. So next time im going to hit up Brooklyn where I will be guaranteed to find some.

Here was my makeup for the day:

I was In the 28-34th street area and I found these american flag pants for 15 bucks!! I hate my leg shape they look like drumsticks xD

I got hungry and me and my sister walked to Hmart in korean town and bought some seaweed to make my own kimbap and I bought some store made Spicy Calamari kimbap and she bough halal food.

When we were done we regained our energy and we started walking aimlessly. We were walking and she pointed out this store called Kinokuniya. I said " OMFG I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS STORE WE NEED TO GO HERE ASDFGHJKL;. So we went inside and I immediately ran to the gal magazine area lol. We stayed in that store for more than and hour but it was amazing!

I bought a June popteen Mag! My first Gal Mag 



  1. It's funny because I randomly found Kinokuniya shopping with my friend as well and SHE pointed it out to me. BTW, I LOVE the American flag jeans. So cute!

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