Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blonde wig and Eos Candy Pink

I was so ecstatic when I saw my lenses in the mail on Sunday! I ordered them from Shoppingaholics.com and it took about 10 days  (which felt like eternity xD)
But the service was excellent!

More under the cut. *WARNING MAJOR PIC SPAM*
It came packaged so cute

Got free gifts :3

Free eye mask

No make up  
With Flash
I give these lenses a 10/10 they are so comfortable! I wore them for 12 hrs (not recommended) but I didn't feel a thing. The color is amazing too definetley for the bold and daring individual

Now on to the Wig:
So the wig took about twelve days and it came from Hong Kong.
I ordered it from Wigisfashion.com

The hair is so soft and not so shiny but it sheds a bit. The cap itself is well constructed :)

For Sakura Matsuri this year I want to dress up as a Japaneses 
School Girl so I'm happy every thing came in on time!

Thanks For Reading!~


  1. I like!! Those lenses really suit you :3 You're gonna make an awesome Jap-Choco school girl XD

  2. <3 I agree with Shun. You look awesome!

  3. Thos lenses are beautiful with your skin tone~ Your eyes really pop out :)