Thursday, October 13, 2011

My New obsession: Woo Jiho aka Zico

There's just so much I can say about this kid. I love him. His swag, the way he talks, his rapping/freestyles, his i don't give a fuck attitude---uggh i've been completely bought by his charm. I listened to his Zico On The Block mix tape and there my new obsession started. How can someone be so fucking talented? The fact that he had dreads before even killed me cause i love dreads and braids on asian guys (it's a turnon for me). I hope he can tweet me on twitter one day or I wish I can even fly to Korea for a concert. I would love a meet and greet but for now its just a fantasy. Well we all have to fantasize sometimes don't we? 

Well This Is the track list

ZICO- ZICO on the Block

Track List




04.뒤돌아봐 (feat.박경)



07.Top of Teenagers (feat.Andup)

08.Dead president

09.Interlude (feat.최음제)

10.억만장자 (feat. 한해)

11.정신차려, 친구



14.4 my town (feat.Mino)

15.Who am I (feat. Mino)

16.I'm still fly

17.Get Em High (feat.Uglyduck,Gganmo)

18.Wake me up

19.BonusTrack (If I ain't got 짱깨)

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